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About Us

Welcome to Keystone Cable, the trusted source for top-quality cables in Singapore. We bring 3 decades of experience focusing on Extra Low Voltage, Low Voltage, and High Voltage cable manufacturing and supply. Our team is driven by a commitment to cable excellence and understanding of our customers’ unique needs in Singapore and beyond. We are a longstanding supplier of cables across 6 key industries.

Having collaborated with a diverse range of industries in Singapore and the region for the past 30 years, we have gained valuable insights to understand and meet the unique needs of our customers. Our experienced Technical, Production, and Sales Teams complement our manufacturing presence and strong logistics capabilities. With our dedicated warehouse and delivery team, we assure agility in planning, responsive logistics, and a deep understanding of unique site requirements.

When you choose Keystone Cable, you are selecting a reliable partner dedicated to fulfilling your cabling needs.

Quality Assurance

Keystone Cable is a trusted brand within the cable industry with a demonstrable track record of honouring our commitments and cultivating long-standing working relationships with our customers.

From raw material procurement to the final cable development, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing cable solutions of the highest quality and international certification standards across our product range in the Building, Infrastructure, Industrial, Communication, Sustainable Energy, and Power Transmission sectors.

Discover more about our rigorous testing standards by exploring our Quality Assurance page.


Our Product Reach

Keystone Cable has a long and successful track record in supplying cables to the South East Asia region and around the globe.

Hover the map below to see the selected track records in the international markets we have served.

Select overseas projects:


  • Ministry of Interior
  • TelcoTech at Kampus


  • Masbate Gold Mine
  • Solaire Casino


  • Crowne Plaza Nha Trang Hotel
  • Thuam Nam Solar Power Plant


  • Kensington Office Tower
  • West Vista


  • Tanjung Bin Oil Terminal
  • Halliburton Senai Factory Rooftop Solar


  • IRPC Ultra Clean Fuel Project
  • Central Plaza Nakhon Branch


  • Yangon International Airport Jet Fuel Update
  • Thilawa Port


  • Perth Train
  • Cloudbreak Mine


  • Tullow

Papua New Guinea

  • Niu Power Project


  • Shell Brunei


  • Hurawalhi Island Resort
  • Outer Islands Electrification
  • IGMH Hospital


  • Obuasi STP
  • CIL @ Floatation Project


  • Dangote Oil Refining Company Ltd.


  • Basrah Gas Company Well Project

Sri Lanka

  • Colombo Lotus Tower


  • Caspian Shipyard


  • Train System (Unreleased)


  • Mining Project (Unreleased)


  • BraFELs Yard

New Zealand

  • Unreleased Project

Innovation & Sustainability

As a forward-looking cable manufacturer, we have made continuous investment across our manufacturing processes. In 2020, we relocated to a 300,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Singapore, a testament to our commitment to deepening our investments as a cable specialist. In our manufacturing facility, we embrace Industry 4.0 by continuously investing in automation and digitalisation of our processes.

Beyond manufacturing reliable cables, we seek to create a positive impact through our operations. Supplementing our investments in our core manufacturing processes, we incorporate energy and resource efficiency considerations across our manufacturing process and business operations.

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