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Welcome to Keystone Cable

Welcome to Keystone Cable, the longstanding supplier of top-quality cables in Singapore and the region. 

We bring 3 decades of experience focusing on Extra Low Voltage, Low Voltage, and High Voltage cable manufacturing and supply across 6 diverse industries.   

Our product range has been engineered and tested for specialised cable needs, while also prioritising sustainability considerations. As a forward-looking company, we continuously invest in our cable machinery, enhancing our expertise as cable specialists and creating a greener tomorrow.

When you choose Keystone Cable, you can rely on our experienced team for dependable cable manufacturing and efficient logistics handling, ensuring that your projects are managed by a team dedicated to cable excellence.


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Join Keystone Cable

At Keystone Cable, we take pride in our expertise as cable specialists. We value every member of our team and aim to place you in a role where you can excel.

We seek individuals who are eager to learn and possess a “roll-up your sleeves” attitude when it comes to getting things done.

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