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Ushering in a “Season of Change” at Keystone Cable with NHG

2023 was a year focused on health and wellness for us at Keystone Cable as we spent more time at our facility. As part of our commitment to uplifting the wellbeing of our factory and office staff, we rolled out the “Seasons of Change” initiative in collaboration with the National Health Group (NHG). This gave our colleagues the opportunity to speak with health professionals about how they can boost their health through lunch and learn sessions and interactive activities.

Designed with the unique needs to Keystone’s team front and center including desk-based workouts and lifestyle changes like choosing to drink coffee without sugar or foregoing high calorie snacks. These seemingly small actions can have a massive impact on our colleagues, helping them be a healthier self and attain physical, psychological, and social wellbeing.

A healthy One Keystone Family is a happy, resilient, and productive One Keystone Family!

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions Keystone Cable can provide you, please contact us.

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