Production Operator

About Keystone

We are a leading cable manufacturer in Singapore, producing high-quality products for local and global clients since 1990. Over the years, we have expanded our footprint to serve a wide range of industries from infrastructure, data communications to industrial sectors. By investing in new technology, upgrading our facilities, and improving our employees’ technical expertise, we continuously strive to achieve the highest standards while ensuring workplace safety. 


About the role

As an established company with decades of experience in cable manufacturing, we can provide you with the training needed to hone your technical expertise and help you develop professionally. With our people-centric philosophy, you’ll feel that you’re looked after by the team. 


Job Responsibilities
  • Operating of manufacturing machinery 负 责 操 作 生 产 机 器
  • Set up of machines to begin production run 程 序 设 置 以 开 始 生 产 运 行​
  • Verification of materials and tooling 材 料 和 工 具 的 验 证​
  • Ensuring that products produced comply with quality standards 确 保 产 品 品 质 符 合 质 量 标 准
  • Logging of production data for record keeping 记 录 生 产 数 据 以 保 持 记 录​
  • Maintaing good housekeeping at work stations 维 持 工 作 区 域 的 整 洁 有 序


  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision

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