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Power Up Possibilities at Keystone Cable 

In conjunction with Enterprise SG and the broader government push towards developing a future-ready and nurturing workforce, we are proud to have been selected as one of the 6 companies that were featured in third edition of the annual Good Company Report. Companies selected include homegrown brands such as Carousell, Nium, Dyna-Mac, Hegen, and Meinhardt. The companies selected have been earmarked as local SMEs with forward-thinking company culture and opportunities for young talent to learn and develop in.  

Through the Global Ready Talent Programme, we collaborate with talent from institutions of higher learning (IHLs) including ITE, polytechnics, universities island-wide to prepare the next generation of talent for the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape. This aligns with Keystone Cable’s broader ethos of modernising our industry while tapping into our decades of experience as cable specialists, and cultivating a people-centric, collaborative workplace for our colleagues to thrive in tandem. 

Photo: Ying Yan Tung, Production Engineer, Keystone Cable Graduate of Singapore Institute of Technology and Newcastle University, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

Ying Yan Tung, a former Production Engineering intern turned full-time team member is featured as part of this initiative where he shared his journey from learning the ropes as an intern to growing into a full-time member of our one Keystone Family. He also highlighted how as an intern; he grew more confident as he had the opportunity to drive digital project workstreams as part of our broader digital transformation. One highlight was when Yan Tung created an app that calculated cable drum sizes required based on the product type and length. This eliminated manual searches through tables and calculations; he elevated productivity even as an intern. 

Over the years, Keystone Cable has expanded its product reach in the region through the offering of high quality cables. It invests in new technology, upgrades facilities, and nurtures its team’s technical expertise, enabling it to expand into future ready industries. 
Join a vibrant and collaborative workplace where progress and new technologies are its sandbox.

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions Keystone Cable can provide you, please contact us.

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