Corporate Philosophy

Keystone Cable is committed to operating ethically as a corporate citizen. Our core values of Responsibility, Innovation, Safety and Expertise – represented by the acronym RISE – are the foundation which our company is built upon. These values define who we are now and guide us to where we want to go in the future.



To Be A Dedicated Cable Company
That ...

Upholds values of professional quality, performance and safety with internationally recognized standards


To Provide Innovative Products, Services & Solutions That ...

Create sustainable growth and opportunity with our current & future stakeholders


To be responsible & hold ourselves accountable for our work and actions with utmost integrity


We continuously seek new innovation for better products, technologies, facilities, processes & services


We design and strictly adherent to processes and controls to ensure the health and safety of our workforce


We are committed to be a valued partner to our customers - to share our knowledge with them & to utilize our expertise to meet their needs