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Low Voltage Cables

300/500V XLPE Insulated, LSZH Sheathed, Mica Tape Barrier, Individual & Overall Screen

This cable is used in machines, measuring instruments, and control systems for the transmission of analogue and digit signals.
Plain annealed copper wire, mica tape fire barrier, PE/XLPE/XLEVA insulation, layer of polyester tape, aluminium foil and tinned copper drain wire individual and overall screen, unarmoured or galvanized steel wire armoured, LSZH bedding & sheathed cable.
Sheath Colour
Black, orange or as per order
Power Plant , Factory Automatics & Robotics , Railway & Train Systems , Oil Gas & Petrochemical
BS5308, IEC60331, IEC60332, IEC60754, IEC61034
Insulation Color
Pair: White (with black numbering), Triple: Black/White/Red (with numbering)